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Asaram Bapu ???????? (?????? ???? ): 7 Chelas wanted for Gujrat Police

Asaram Bapu Ashram 7 followers are wanted for Gujrat Police
1. Asaram Bapu : 7 Chelas wanted : Gujrat Police : Sandesh Gujrati News Paper

Name : Kaushik Popat Lal Vani Basically from Nandurbaar – Maharashtra

Post : Asaram’s chief cashier, who invest the the amount donated BY YOU ie Fund Manager of Asaram Bapu Ashram. 18 years with Asaram
Knows everything about Dipesh n Abhishek


Name – Ajay Rasik Lal Shah from Indore (MP), 20Yeras with Asaram

Married but no daughter no son

Wife staying at Indore, Father On bedrest near to death n want to meet his son but son is Asaram’s the chief of Asaram fraudester Committe n Knows everything about Dipesh n Abhishek.

3. Vikash Khemka 15 years with Asaram,
from Haryana, parentes staying permanantly at Surat

Uday Naveen Chander Sanghani, 15 Years with Asaram, from Mulund Mumbai , Father is running Bakery n want back Uday at Home
Editor Lokkalyan setu, Also see the matters of Police , Media and court

Pankaj Saxena, from Jhansi(UP), 10 years with Asaram,

Meen Ketan Patra, from Chhinwada (MP),8 years with Asaram
editor Rishi Parshad

Yogesh Manohar Lal Bhati, from Rajasthan

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