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Ashok Singhal VHP Leader visited Asaram Bapu Ashram Ahmedabad Gujrat

VHP’s Singhal visits Asaram Bapu ashram to broker peace 30/11/2009
Ahmedabad: VHP leader Ashok Singhal visited controversial religious figure Asaram’s ashram at 5.30 in the early morning today and subsequently he met Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

It is learnt that Singhal tried to broker a deal between Asaram and the Modi government.

“He visited Asaram ashram in early morning and after that he went to call on Chief Minister Narendra Modi,” a top VHP leader told PTI.

He added that the local leaders of VHP were not in favour of VHP offering any kind of direct or indirect support to Asaram, whose followers had beaten up around 20 policemen including Gandhinagar SP on November 25.

The incident had occurred when hundreds of followers of Asaram were prevented from entering collector’s office in Gandhinagar where they wanted to submit a memorandum.

So far more than 200 disciples of Asaram were arrested by the police, who were allegedly part of the mob that attacked police.

Subsequently, the police had raided Asaram’s ashram at Motera in the city and more than 150 disciples were detained.

“It seems that Asaram, who is being cornered locally, wants VHP and its leaders to support him or broker a deal with the Modi government,” a VJP leader said.
According to him, the local leaders refused to support Asaram because public sentiment in the state is against him.

The Asaram ashram was in news last year when two boys from the ashram went missing and their bodies were recovered from the banks of river Sabarmati. The police had filed a case against seven of Bapu’s disciples.

Following the incident, a mass agitation was launched in Ahmedabad which forced the State government to set up a commission of inquiry by a retired High Court judge to probe the alleged murder of two boys.



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