Posted by: chawlamahender | November 27, 2009

Asaram Bapu,Hedly Rana and Mumbai Attack 26/11/2008, Gandhinagar Attack 26/11/2009

180 disciples of Asaram Bapu arrested for attacking police

Police arrested 180 disciples of Asaram Bapu including 47 women here on Thursday who were allegedly part of the rally which attacked the police by pelting stones injuring around 20 policemen including Gandhinagar SP and other senior police officials.
“This is clearly an attack on police force by the followers of Asaram. This is not expected (of them) and nobody is allowed to take the law in his hand,” Gujarat DGP SS Khandwawala said.
“Its very unfortunate that disciples of a religious sect have indulged in violent behaviour and attacked the policemen.” he added.
The incident occurred when hundreds of followers of Asaram were prevented from entering collector’s office in Gandhinagar where they wanted to submit a memorandum.
“We have registered a case against the disciples for attacking policemen and resorting to violence,” the DG said.
Gandhinagar range IG AK Sharma will be conducting a detailed inquiry into the incident.
Besides injury to the policemen, more than 20 cars and police vehicles including that of the SP were damaged during stone pelting.
The injured policemen including SP Piyush Patel were taken to Gandhinagar civil hospital.


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