Posted by: chawlamahender | October 30, 2008

Asaram Bapu Diwali

                                   I was seven years in Asaram Bapu’s ashram n bcoz I was one of his most faithfull persons. He appoint me his Narayan’s PA.

                                   Now let us discus some interesting features about Asaram Bapu. Which are out of your knowledge .

                                           I think everyone of you know that Asaram collects a lot of items like shawls,blankets, dry fruits, lohi, swaters etc. in gift ( Bhaint n Dakshina) from his followers . But no one of you know what asaram do/did with that items……. Let me tell you……..

                          Asaram earns a lot of money by selling those items how………………

                                         There are stalls in every ashram n these gifted items are saled out on the time of Diwali n Lohri( Makar Sakranti ie UTRAYAN) . Peoples gifts items bcoz of their imotions, shradha n well wishes but asaram sales your  imotions, shradha n well wishes.

                                        How cheater, fake,fraud n lier is asaram……?

                                        One side asaram advised not to take (eat) sweets but the same side asaram sales sweets mfg in his ashram. why…….?  And these sweets are made by coconuts gifted by you to asaram. एक तरफ आसाराम बोलता है कि हलवाई की दुकान साकसात यमराज कि दुकान है और दुसरी तरफ आसाराम हलवाई का काम करता यानि आसाराम खुद यमराज का दूसरा रूप है.

                                            Asaram has so more swaters , caps, shoes, shocks etc….but the children living in their ashram hasn’t single-single. If any boy or girl want shoes etc. ASARAM ASHRAM WILL NOT PROVIDE . They have to arrange from their home/parents. boys worked there as labour n asaram earns in crores but there is no arrangments for GOOD MEAL N MEDICINES etc.

                                            In Mahabharat there was so many kings in Jarasandg’s prison the same thing is here so many boys n girls are in asaram’s mental prison. Asaram exploits them.

                                           Let us prey to GOD so that they can exit from asaram’s mental prison. So many parents are waiting for their children eg. Smt Suman Sharma,Delhi ( Ajay Sharma’s mother) .


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